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Day In the Life of A MOM

Posted by Coach Patty Bee on

Lort hep me! (In my Madea's voice)


Do not let this T Shirt fool you peeps! I have a side of me I rather not show. Like when something makes me go from 0 to 100 in half of a second. Like when I start the day singing halleluyerzzz and somehow by evening I am in a war zone throwing F bombs cussing in between sentences.


It is not easy man! I try! I promise I do! God knows my ❤.... I hope!


So a day like yesterday. I woke up motivated and happy.


Things took a turn for the worse when my 14 year old showed up at my side with bleached hair. Never mind just color dye which at her age I do NOT approve of anyways BUT even worse. Bleached! Like... did I say BLEACHED! A job done by my oldest 22 year old daughter who did not care to ask me permission. Who thought it was cute to encourage such abominable disobedience. Leading my 14 year old to a downward spiral of rebellion! I was livid! In my mind I shouted....I rebuke you Satan for influencing my children and taking my peace on such a beautiful day! 


I was so angry. I felt truly betrayed. Back stabbed. Felt like my rights as a parent were stollen from me! Bleached hair? What is next, a tattoo, weed, teenage pregnancy!! I am about to lose it on these childrenzzz. Where is my phone cable cuz I am about to distribute some old fashioned can of woop a##.


I decided to handle this the next morning! After I had a chance to calm down and fix my halo.


Sat my oldest down and told her what it meant for her to disobey me and how disappointed I was in both of them. How she was to NEVER EVERRRR in her life step on my toes again! Then I sent her to CVS to get brown dye to fix my 14 yr olds hair... at her expense.... ignoring the face of annoyance and disgust she had on.


10 minutes later when she was walking out to the store.... "it's ok. Nevermind. You don't have to change her hair. Just don't do it again. Ok ☺?


Truth: I kind of like the blonde and it looks super cute. Plus I exaggerated. It was not her entire head. She only bleached the tips.


Moral of the story is: It is hard being a mom but even harder being a good child of God. Woooosaaa!

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