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God's Free Gift of Grace

Posted by Coach Patty Bee on December 6, 2019 at 11:10 PM

I rarely ever share photos of the gifts that I receive because when I get them, I receive them with complete humility, and I never want to seem boastful. There are so many people who do not have a lot, who live in loneliness, struggle in their marriage and some who have experienced a lot of loss... and I would never want them to compare their lives to a social media post of someone's portrayed "great" life. We all know that nothing is ever perfect.

Well I want to share that my husband surprised me with these flowers this morning for no reason at all. Just because! I have not told him this but as I was putting the flowers in the vase I was filled with a lot of emotion.  I couldn't help but to remember a time in my life when instead of being shown love, I was made to feel worthless. I was betrayed and broken. Twelve years of that pain and I finally ended the hurt by removing myself from that situation. Till this day I do not have a clue how I came out of it without falling back. All I can tell you is that God was in the center of my life. Let me make that more clear!! I did not just claim God... MY heart exploded in surrender to Him. Every part of me was exhausted and ready to receive His will. It was not a change of actions. It was an internal shift of my soul.

Little by little I started to see where I went wrong in those past 12 yrs and I took responsibility for my own mistakes. Then when I met my now husband the truth is that we were still broken and not ready for each other. There were a lot uncertainties that I didn't let God reveal to me. This disobedience caused God's healing and work in us to delay, and we have paid the price. But praise God because through our repenting hearts He has decided to bless our marriage and strengthen us.

These flowers represent God's grace. The fresh anointing and forgiveness He offers us.... just because. No special occasion. No good deeds. Just because He knows the intention of our hearts. And if you get your heart right for God, He will bring you flowers too.


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