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Coach Patty Bee

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Welcome!  My name is Patty Belgrave aka Patty Bee :)  I am a military wife, mother of 3 and an entrepreneur.  Just an ordinary busy bee that dreams of making a difference in the world.  This is my story.

I was raised in the housing projects of Hartford Connecticut, with my parents and four younger sisters.  I witnessed gang violence, domestic abuse and drugs.  When I was 13, my dad was sentenced to federal prison for drug trafficking, which left my mom, my sisters and I to face years of grief, poverty, distress and devastation.  My mom became a single parent overnight.  With the help of government assistance she did her best to raise five girls alone and push us through high school, eventually working as a housekeeper for a hotel to make ends meet.  Most of the children I grew up with succumbed to drugs, gangs or teen pregnancy.  Many experienced physical, sexual abuse and were in and out of child protective services.  Others dropped out of high school, ended up in prison or were killed.  At an early age I realized that we had been living in chaos and oppression our entire childhood life and I didn't want to follow in that lifestyle.  There was a fire inside of me that made me have a different outlook on life.  I made a very distinct promise to myself that I would break the cycle in my life and my future generation.

Today, I work passionately on the act of giving while also managing my businesses.  Outside of my charity work, my primary role is as the CEO of TAG Team Cleaning, a residential cleaning business in West Hartford CT going strong since 2007.  I recently launched where I share my stories through blogs to offer inspiration and hope.  I also offer many life building services and financial literacy.

My mission is to break the cycle of hardship in our communities and to equip families with financial literacy, security and building generational wealth.  I want to be a beacon of light and hope to anyone who crosses my path.  I want them to know that our past experiences or current circumstances do not dictate our life! What really matters is the choices we make today and how they will impact our tomorrow.


My Blog

Services Available:

  • Life Coaching | Mentorship
  • Credit Repair Service
  • Budget Planning
  • Life Insurance


  • Resume Writing Service
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Become a Credit Repair Agent
  • Start a Residential Cleaning Business

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